Hi, I'm Pierre!

You can find and follow me here:

or you can send me a professional or personal email.

I'm a web developer living in France, near Toulouse.

Since a few years, I'm focusing on e-commerce and co-founded Front-Commerce with amazing people!
I am interested in web performance and standards. Our goal is to help merchants and developers deliver a better shopping experience for their customers.

I also worked with great people over the years at Occitech, Ethersys, commit42 (RIP website) and started my professional journey at CakeDC.


We may also have met in web, JS or PHP (Magento and CakePHP) communities and conferences. I gave some talks and used to blog.

Content I wrote on other websites

As of 2023, I will try (read: likely fail) to start authoring longer content again. Here is a list:

I'm always looking for writing topics. Ping me if you have some ideas!
PS: I also self-host some shared and useful services at sans.pub - mostly for myself and friends, but you may find it useful too. If you are curious you can also explore my dotfiles NixOS